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Ralph Snart Adventures Comic Book By Marc Hansen

The home page of Marc Hansen Stuff! features the latest comic book work of Marc Hansen, the creator of Ralph Snart Adventures, Weird Melvin and Doctor Gorpon.

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Graphic novels, comic books, ebooks, web comics and merchandise may be purchased here online.

Marc Hansen's Blog

For the latest news on the comic book work of Marc Hansen, check out his blog. Mindless rants are the norm. You can also follow Ralph on Twitter @ralphsnart and on Facebook.

Ralph Snart Fansite

This online Ralph Snart museum was launched over 17 years ago and is dedicated to the glory of everything Snart!

About Marc Hansen

For more information on the cartoonist Marc Hansen, visit his Wikipedia entry. Most of it is actually true.

Email Marc Hansen

Feel free to send your deranged and disparging remarks to the comic creator himself. Email him at mh at marchansenstuff dot com.

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