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Dang! I cranked out three whole issues of RSA this year -- SO SHUT UP!

The most issues I've done (per volume) is 15 in Volume 3. I don't count 1 through 9 because they were reprints. Volume 6 was 16 issues, but they were only 10 pages per, so don't count either. I'm now working on writing issue 16 of Volume 8, so I'll break that record. Not that I'm pushing quantity thing. Quality is paramount! Ja!

I've got the idea for the story for #16, and it's a killer. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably stop reading and just look at the pictures. You big dummies.

On my website, if you scroll to the bottom and click the More Comics Here link, you'll find comic collections of all of my stuff. You're welcome, ya bunch cheap bastards.

And just to repeat... The file format has changed from PDF to CBR. Moving to a more popular digital comic standard seemed more appropriate. The files are also less complex and easier to create on my end.

There's plenty of comic book reading apps out there. All of them read cbz, cbr and pdf file formats. Search on Google or start here. Personally, I use YACReader on my desktop and Panels on my iPhone. Most of the time, I'm reading on my iPad 1 (yeah, over 12 years old) using an ancient version of CloudReaders.

Ralph Snart #15 Just Released

Ralph Snart Adventures Vol. 8, #15

Ralph Snart Adventures #15

Story & Art by: Marc Hansen

How I Became a Man Slave
Ralph and Doofus are turned into human pets by two sadistic dominatrixes. Will they escape their clutches and drink beer, or forever lick their high-heeled boots?

Watch me in action!

It's a FREE download, you cheap bastard!

Inking RSA #15

Here I am inking a panel for Ralph Snart Adventures #15 releasing this Winter.

Hookers In Bondage

Until issue 12 of Volume 3 of Ralph Snart Adventures, I edited and answered all of the letters to Rubber Room Gossip. Issue 12 had the letter from a Kathy Snyder who lambasted RSA as fodder for a good book burning.

Dear Editors of Ralph Snart,

Today my son brought one of your comics home. I am shocked there is such trash like this out for kids to buy. I would prefer he didn't read garbage like this. He said he saw "Humor" on the top of the comic, so he thought it would be funny. He is 12 years old, a hooker in bondage is not funny to a twelve year old and especially not to his mother.

Your so called comic book is far from comedy. Repulsive, probably, comedy, never. I intend to let the shop owners of the store know just what kind of legal smut they are selling. It is no wonder kids of the world are such a mess today, reading garbage like this. It is too bad most kids' parents aren't paying attention to what their kids are reading. I found out just by accident.

By the way, whatever happened to Archie and Jughead? Did Ralph Snart spit toxic waste on them?

I wonder if any of your children read this garbage? I'm not what you would call a religious person, but in this case I feel confident in telling you, you will reap what you sow!

Kathy Snyder

By the way, you can have your comic book back.

My response was not exactly polite. If she's not dead today, Synder must be a book-banning MAGA nut. Two things of note; first, after that issue, NOW stopped giving me any letters addressed to myself or Ralph Snart as Diane Piron took over editing Rubber Room Gossip (to detrimental results), and second, those issues in Synder's complaints were receiving the Comics Code (just like Archie and Jughead). Of course, however, during that time the Code was thoroughly approving of spandex-stretching boob juggling and indiscriminate, blood-spurting violence.

NOW Comics Archives First Release

Ralph Snart Adventures Vol. 5

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 5

Story & Art by: Marc Hansen

Hot Babes and Free Beer
Reprints Volume Five of Ralph Snart Adventures from 1993. Includes the two lost issues six and seven. 80 pages.

Watch me in action!

It's a FREE download, you cheap bastard!

Bundled Comics

At the end of the new NOW Comics, the owners of NOW sold off most of the back inventory, for pennies an issue, to someone who bundled various issues together and polybagged. This would've been sometime after 1995 most likely. NOW had nothing to do with the bundling, other than selling them the books, and I don't think they were ever sold in comic shops.

Crazy Crypto

I added a crypto currency button as an additional means to support The Snart. Donations to The Cause won't suffer PayPal's outrageous cut if you send some crypto coinage (either Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Currently working on the pencils for Ralph Snart #15 -- about half done.

Just fixed a minor boo-boo on the cover of #14. Re-download it if you want the latest and greatest edition.

Had to repair my sweet Dazor lamp from the '50s. Amazingly, the company is still in business and sells replacement switches you can solder. Below is the old switch. Couldn't desolder, so I had to cut and re-strip the wires (above the corrosion).

Ralph Snart #14 Just Released

Ralph Snart Adventures Vol. 8, #14

Ralph Snart Adventures #14

Story & Art by: Marc Hansen

Mondo Monster Fanboy
Ralph is an obnoxious fanboy and must go to extremes in order to get his idol Fella Spookgosi's autograph. In reality, Ralph is stupefied by boobies. Color, 22 pages.

Watch me in action!

It's a FREE download, you cheap bastard!

Ralph Snart NFT!

Or should I elaborate... Ralph Snart will not have any NFTs.

10 reasons NFTs are dumb.

All good reasons, but I’ll add, as it pertains to art — traditional art, in which the art is a physical, one-of-a-kind object is being replaced by digital art, which is not a physical object and not one-of-a-kind. Traditional art is also harder to create requiring far more skill and know how, hence the rise of digital art (people are getting lazier and dumber). So which would you rather own (or in the case of digital, “own”).

5 reasons NFTs are not dumb.

None of these reasons are compelling. Metaverses? Web3? Meh. Monetizing every interaction on the web will only encourage more trolling, spammers, hackers and general dumb asses hoping to "cash in".

Some Changes...

The first is obvious; The current series (volume 8) of RSA is online for free. Other books and volumes will go online in due course. The reasoning behind this will be discussed later.

The file format has changed from PDF to CBR. Since FireFox opens and decrypts encrypted PDFs (along with many other apps), moving to a more popular digital comic standard seemed more appropriate.

This website overall has adopted CSP, which was NOT EASY. No longer using inline styles and scripts is a hard habit to break. Gone are the days of the '90's when getting a domain and host was cheap and easy, and creating a website was so insanely easy and back before trolls, bots and hackers ruined the web.
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Marc Hansen
Marc Hansen

Cartoonist and creator of Ralph Snart Adventures, Weird Melvin and Doctor Gorpon. Hansen has done most of his work for NOW Comics, but has also done work for Marvel, Disney and Kitchen Sink Press.

Ralph Snart Adventures was published from 1986-1993 by now defunct NOW Comics, and was the longest running comic in the entire NOW catalog, selling an average of 50,000 copies a month during that nine year period. Over two million comics were published, and it was the first indy comic to receive the Comics Code.

Today, Marc Hansen publishes Ralph Snart Adventures as an ebook on a sporadic basis. Current issues are available on his website. Keep up with Ralph Snart on Twitter and Facebook.