NOW ON SALE Ralph Snart Adventures #7

Ralph Snart Adventures Vol 8 No 7 A brand new issue of Ralph Snart Adventures is here again at last as creator Marc Hansen finally got off his lazy ass and cranked out another issue of this (non-award-winning) comic.

FRUMP! Ralph, Doofus and Fat Louie are on the lam after Ralph killed Vladimir Poopin and put President Frump in a alcohol-induced coma. Foreign spies turn Frump into a 30-foot tall monster with only one thought on it's mind -- KILL SNART.

Ralph also finds love (love is a loose term here, folks, since his "interest" is a friggin sex doll that he's convinced he can have a deep and meaningful relationship with -- what an idiot). Doctor Goot also makes a cameo appearance (personally, I think Goot is getting old and is tired of the madness).

Only $1.99 for a PDF ebook -- OVERSIZE ISSUE, 32 pages jam-packed full of weird and stupid crap that just doesn't seem to make any sense.


Watch this, dudes: a YouTube video of Marc Hansen slaving away at the drawing board inking a page of this very issue!

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