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Created, written and drawn by Marc Hansen, Ralph Snart Adventures was published from 1986-1993 by now defunct NOW Comics, and was their longest running comic, selling over 50,000 copies a month at it's peak. Today, Marc Hansen is still doing the Snart!

This online Ralph Snart Museum was launched on May 22, 1998 and was last updated April 27, 2015. Hey, we're 20 years old! Congrats to us and thanks to Sgt. Yuck and all of the other contributors over the years.

Preview Comic Series

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 1

The First Mini-Series
Volume 1, Issues 1-3
Published by NOW Comics from June 1986 through August 1986.

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 2

The First Ongoing Series
Volume 2, Issues 1-9
Published by NOW Comics from November 1986 through July 1987.

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3

The Regular Series
Volume 3, Issues 1-26
Published by NOW Comics from October 1988 through November 1990.

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 4

Mind Games Mini-Series
Volume 4, Issues 1-3
Published by NOW Comics from May 1992 through July 1992.

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 5

The Rebirth Series
Volume 5, Issues 1-5
Published by NOW Comics from July 1993 through November 1993.

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 6

The Web Series
Volume 6, Issues 1-16
Published by Marc Hansen from November 2003 through February 2005.

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 7

In Your Farce
Volume 7
Published by Marc Hansen in May 2008.

Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 8

The New On-Going Series
Volume 8, Issues 1 -
Published by Marc Hansen from July 2008 to the Present.