Chuck Dixon Introduction

What follows is an introduction that appeared on the inside front cover of Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 24 written by Chuck Dixon.

Where'd this guy come from?

A number of years ago, the comics rocks were awash with all kinds of really lousy black and white books. A lot of these went into oblivion or to full color. A small handfull were readable, but no where near remarkable.

But out of nowhere comes The Adventures of Ralph Snart.

This cheesy looking little black and white book crammed with panels was so unlike every other comic being published that you just had to ask yourself:

Where'd this guy come from?

Ralph was no hero. He wasn't a mutant or a ninja or even a turtle. He made no apologies for himself. He was a beer guzzling swine with a short attention span and the frustration level of a wounded rhino. He jumped from reality to fantasy and back again with such rapidity that no reader could keep up with him.

But who cared? This stuff was funny.

Being funny separated Ralph Snart from the rest of the "humor" books and "parody" books and "satire" books that were coming out at the time. This Marc Hansen guy could make you laugh.

So where'd he come from?

Snart doesn't act like any comic character ever. He suffers from hangovers, not angst. He even proclaims that he's not interested in being anybody's role model. The stories follow no formula, no pattern, and make no snse outside of their own context. There's no "universe", no continuity and no way of predicting what might occur next. It's all very subversive.

This book doesn't even talk like any other book. The dialogue in the book has a meter, a cadence and a vocabulary all its own. It's fresh and witty and nasty and crude and over blown. These characters seem to be discontent, to be constrained to the printed page, and to take out their frustration out on you the reader.

And the stuff they say is funny.

So where'd this guy come from?

I've met Marc on lots of occasions at comic conventions here and there and I still don't know where he comes from. He's self-effacing about his work and kind of quiet in general. Maybe I already know enough about him from his work.

Well, the dedication's over. Fix yourself something to eat, pop a top or two, and sit back in your favorite chair. You're at the mercy of Marc Hansen now.

But don't expect him to be any easier on you than he is on poor Ralph.

Chuck Dixon