Chuck Senties' Work On Ralph Snart

Chuck Senties pencilled Volume 3, Issue 26 and the 3-issue Lost Issues mini series. Below is his side of the experience of drawing Ralph Snart.


My stint with RS was brief. I wished I would've been given more time to get a feel for Marc Hansen's zany and manic style, but I was such a big fan of the comic book that I jumped at the chance when I saw the ad in Comics Buyer's Guide in 1989 (CBG #837). Who wouldn't? I penciled 3 issues that were later dubbed The Lost Issues because 2 and 3 were released at a latter date.

The feedback from the readers was not good. The work I was involved in suffered for a number of reasons, starting with my pencils, which were weak, the inking by Mike Stepanek, which didn't match the RS style much, too thick in some places and the scripts by Kate Llewellyn didn't convey the character and personality of Snart or his usual story line. Mr. Hansen at the time wasn't involved with the comic, and worse, Tony Caputo, the Editor-In-Chief at the time, had appropiated the rights to the character. Marc Hansen later returned to drawing and writing the strip.

In 1991, my friend Doug Mahnke, (current Superman artist) and I went to the San Diego Comic Con. I stopped by the NOW booth. That was the only time I met Marc Hansen in person, Tony Caputo, sporting a bad hair dye color was present, I've yet to find out how much money he ended up owing Tom Richmond, (Married...With Children) and others.

In May of 1993, I finally got paid for work completed 3 years ago, at a lowered rate. Maybe and only because I was commisioned again! This time it was to pencil an issue devoted to Ralph's sidekick, Mr. Lizard, different inker and different writer, a better effort overall.

Later that fall, I penciled a Mr. Lizard episode that didn't see completion or publication for unknown reasons. It was also the one piece for which I never got paid. It featured the Lizard duking it out with (Gasp!) Barney the Dinosaur at a bar. Part of me felt NOW Comics didn't have clearance for the use of Barney. Too bad, that was a fun script.

-- Chuck Senties - October 2007