Doctor Gorpon mini-series - 1991

No. 1 No. 2 No. 3


After the August, 1990 shipment of NOW Comics titles to distributors, the company abruptly stopped publishing, and re-organized with new investors. They would begin publishing again in September, 1991.

Marc Hansen however, appeared to be in a financial dispute with NOW, and had not worked on the June or July 1990 issue's (Volume 3, issues 25 and 26) anyways. During this hiatus from NOW, Marc found work elsewhere in the comic industry with Eternity Comics, an imprint acquired by Malibu Publishing, with a new character, Doctor Gorpon.

This black and white comic was about a monster exterminator who kills the beasts by ripping their heads off. Dr. Gorpon basically resembles Dr. Goot but with a different head. Ralph's old ghost-busting buddy Doofus has a staring role as a heavy-metal rocker who becomes Gorpon's sidekick after his original sidekick, Glork, is fired.

Glork then spends the rest of the mini series plotting the demise of Gorpon and Doofus. The first issue (and a tiny part of the second) appear colorized as chopped up mini-stories in the back of RSA Volume 5. The series was later published in a trade paperback in 2004.