Kitchen Sink's Snarf No. 10

When Ralph Snart was originally created by Marc Hansen, the character was called "Rodge Snarf", which then changed to "Ralph Snarf". Unknown to Hansen, there was an anthology comic created by Kitchen Sink Press called "Snarf". After a cease & desist from Denis Kitchen, Hansen changed the name again finally to "Ralph Snart".

Hansen: "The name change wasn't a big deal - I actually liked the sound of Snart better than Snarf. Plus the trademark hadn't been filed yet, so no loss. Denis even invited me to do a story for their Snarf book."

More info on Snarf #10 can be found here.

In 1987, Hansen's Mortimor Gerg character appeared in a 4-page story in Snarf #10. Gerg first appeared in RSA Vol. 2, No. 8 from June, 1987.