Mister Lizard 3D Special - 1993

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: May 1993
Title: Mr. Lizard Goes To College
Editors: Tony Caputo and Joan Weis
Story: John Hartman
Art: Michael Hawkins, Tony Colonna and Caren Skibell
Cover: Tom Richmond and David Mowry
3D Process: Bob Staake

Mr. Lizard goes to college at Stately College University, where the founder had a "strange thing for dogs." After registration, he meets his zombified roommate Dwight, who stares blankly into space. After trying to strike up a conversation, Mr. Lizard gives up and kicks back with a few brews and some loud music. Mr. Lizard goes to class and mouths off to one of his radical feminist professors, and so the radical feminist students in the class kick his ass.

Then Mr. Lizard gets a job as an equipment manager for the football team. He screams at the players to "clean up their mess" in the locker room; one of them snaps a smelly jockstrap on his snout, and he retaliates by giving the player a "super wedgie."

The player chases him all over campus, but Mr. Lizard loses him by running onto the stage of a packed auditorium. However, when Mr. Lizard leaves the stage area, the player is there waiting for him; so he then goes back on stage with the player, who he introduces as his assistant, following.

The player is surprised by the audience clapping for them, so Mr. Lizard takes advantage of this and pushes him onto a rolling cart and ties him down. He then performs a few tricks, culminating with him smashing the cart (and the player) into the wall. Mr. Lizard receives a rousing ovation; He heads back to his dorm room with some adoring hot chicks from his audience in tow.

Surprisingly, Dwight (who was "cured" by Mr. Lizard's loud rock and roll) is already having a party! Mr. Lizard asks a hot chick if she would like to go out with him, and when she says "yes", he faints on the floor.

Also In This Issue: A reprint (in 3-D of course) of the four page story by John Hartman that appeared in Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 26, that announced the then upcoming Mr. Lizard monthly series that was never published; this may have been an indicator that NOW was again planning a Mr. Lizard monthly series, but the end was very near for NOW Comics.

Also included are cool 3-D glasses, and the instant Mr. Lizard Action Figure.

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