Mister Lizard Annual - 1993

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: May 1993
Title: Mr. Lizard Goes To College
Editors: Tony Caputo and Joan Weis
Story: John Hartman
Art: Michael Hawkins, Tony Colonna and Caren Skibell
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Holly Sanfelippo and Kelly Kinsey

Since this was supposed to be issue 2 of the Mr. Lizard series that was never published, it picks up on the storyline of the Mr. Lizard 3-D special (which was supposed to be issue 1). Mr. Lizard has a date with the hot chick (whose name we find to be Karen) who agreed to go out with him in the 3-D special. The date goes horribly wrong; Mr. Lizard gets his brand new Buick stolen by the Valet, and starts the restauraunt on fire.

Karen sneaks out of the movie theatre on Mr. Lizard, and also sets him up to get his ass kicked in a bar, where she is supposed to meet him to pick up her purse, which he conveniently kept. But in the end, he gets a big hug and kiss from Karen, who sees him near her house, which he had gone to to seranade her outside her window.

She thanks him for showing her she can go out with losers like himself. She then rides off on the back of a motorcycle driven by some fat smelly loser. Mr. Lizard then walks down the street to the insults of the narrator.

Also In This Issue: This issue features a brand new painted cover by Marc Hansen, plus poly-bagged with comic was the instant Ralph Snart Action Figure.

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