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NOW Comics was a comic book publisher founded by Tony C. Caputo in 1985 as a sole-proprietorship before becoming a part of Caputo Publishing, Inc. During the following four years, CPI grew quickly from a newsstand distribution deal with Warner, adoption of the Comics Code, and publishing licensed properties like The Real Ghostbusters, The Green Hornet and Speed Racer.

NOW declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1990 because of a combination of poor business management, bad luck and impending lawsuits for non-payment of artists and writers. In 1991, NOW Comics relaunched as NOW Entertainment Corporation after being bought by General Learning. In 1994, Caputo was forced out of NOW and the company ceased publishing.

In 2003, Caputo started NOW Comics again as "NOW Comics 3.0" under NOW Media Group, Inc., with the intent to publish creator-owned trade paperbacks. Barry Peterson and Marc Hansen were given shares in the company. Four titles by Hansen were published including a 430-page volume reprinting the first 19 issues of Ralph Snart Adventures. Hansen ended his association with the company in 2005. In February of 2006, the corporation dissolved completely.

Update: As of October, 2008, Tony Caputo is involved in yet another comic book publishing venture.
Update: As of June, 2019, this is dead.

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Basically covers NOW's history of growing too fast and not having enough money to pay it's bills. Caputo intros the new NOW 3.0. Gripes from past freelancers.

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