Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 1 Issue 1

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: June 1986
Title: Untitled
Editors: Tony Caputo and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen

We are first introduced to Ralph Snart, a mild mannered accountant who goes insane, and is admitted to the Montgomery Home For The Really Insane under the care of Dr. Dweeb Kreegon. Because of his dangerous, never before seen type of psychosis, Mr. Snart is put in rubber cell no. 13.

Then we are first introduced to the amazing dreaming powers of Ralph Snart. Ralph has a job hauling cargo in space with a space freighter, sort of an intergalactic truck driver. The long months in space with nothing to do but slam beers are driving Ralph crazy though, and he decides to dump his cargo on the nearest isolated planet, and lands with the guidance of his smart-alecked talking computer.

Ralph sees that his entire cargo was only a small box containing an instant civilization kit!! Pissed off at this he adds some warm beer to the kit and gives it a boot. The kit creates a giant mechanical monster which proceeds to chase him. Ralph jumps out of the comic to demand a weapon and a head start. Marc Hansen obliges, and Ralph ambushes the creature and gets it to shut down.

Ralph enters the monster, and is hit on the head by a large gentleman. When he wakes up, he is the prisoner of Lord Pud, and his assistant Zorg. Lord pud forces Ralph to remove an anti-matter warhead from the monster, and Pud plans on using it to threaten the people of earth. Ralph threatens to drop it however, and escapes to his spaceship.

Once in the air, he drops the warhead on Lord Pud and Zorg and their civilization. Ralph's dream ends when his head explodes!

Ralph's next dream is Lil' Ralphie, Pt. 1 where we are introduced to Ralph's parents. This dream quickly ends, and we find Ralph in the future on top of a skyscraper, being chased by some characters that appeared early in his first dream.

Trivia: The original print run for this issue was printed the wrong size (approximately half-size). A subsequent printing was done to correct this. Apparently, all of the smaller books were destroyed by the printer.

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