Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 2 Issue 2

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: December 1986
Title: Role Playing Game
Editors: Tony Caputo and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen

Dr. Goot leaves Ralph for dead on the side of the road, but we find Ralph is alive when a kid who's father stopped on the side of the deserted highway pisses on him. This angers Ralph who kicks the kid and his fathers ass. Ralph wanders around for a while and stops to sleep under a tree.

In his dream, Ralph gets a role playing game with a 3-D holographic play mode; it puts him right at the entrance to the game. The big-mouthed entrance guard warns him to resist the one-eyed vixen. Ralph meets a wizard who was destroyed by wine coolers.

The wizard sends Ralph on a variety of quests, among them the killing of a giant slug, and the retrieval of the heart of the one-eyed vixen. Shocked to find her a beautiful two-eyed beauty, Ralph falls head-over-heals for her. When he kisses her, she changes into a one-eyed, wrinkled beast... who changes into the dragon...who changes into the slug...

Meanwhile, back in reality, a TV anchorman is reporting that a crazed man is attacking people along highway 13, and that crazed man has been identified as Ralph Snart!

Also In This Issue: On the back cover of this issue is an official Ralph Snart role playing fun figure, made to be cut out and pasted to cardboard. But you wouldn't want to cut up a valuable issue of RSA, would you?

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