Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 2 Issue 4

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: February 1987
Title: My Summer of Ill Repute
Editors: Tony Caputo and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen

In Ralph's fantasy land, he reads a want add for a driver to take a car to California, all expenses paid. Ralph plays it cool until the owner is out of site; then the fun begins. He encounters a hot babe who tosses him a bag containing Mr. Lizard. After chugging some brews, Ralph blacks out to a court scene.

An ugly judge sentences him to death based on Mr. Lizard's crimes. He's put in the electric chair; then Ralph wakes up, he's in the car again with Mr. Lizard at the wheel. Ralph's dream within a dream almost comes true when they get pulled over by a cop. Mr. Lizard has disappeared, so Ralph takes the rap for everything that has happened.

Also In This Issue: Four pages of "Snapshots" a comic panel done by Marc Hansen before his big break doing RSA for Now comics. The book says Marc made the rounds to the newspaper syndicates, "but alas, the market was already flooded with Far Side clones".

Interesting Fact: This is the very first RSA appearance of Ralph's fairy godlizard, Mister Lizard.

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