Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 2 Issue 7

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: May 1987
Title: Idiots From Space
Editors: Tony Caputo and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen

Ralph's brain has been transformed into a strange little creature that jumps out of the comic and tells Marc Hansen to take a vacation. The brain bounds off to raise hell, so Marc pulls out a completed spare episode of RSA, and heads off to the golf course.

In the back up story, Ralph has a blind date with Myrtle, and he decides to scare her off by taking her to a party thrown by his alien neighbors. The aliens start chugging beer and everclear, and acting goofy.

They inform Ralph and Myrtle that they want to use their bodies for a series of gruesome experiments. A fight breaks out, and Ralph torches the alcohol laden aliens with a lighter.

Also In This Issue: A four-page story by Marc Hansen about an Alien named Joe. We see Joe getting hired for a job, but once he starts work as a machine repairman, we find he has no idea of what to do, and doesn't know what any of the tools are. He runs off the job screaming Mommy!! Once home, we find that Joe has switched brains with his father again (in other words, he had his fathers body with a childs brain), and he gets in trouble.

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