Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 11

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: August 1989
Title: The Crusher
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Marc Hansen

Ralph is in his dream world with some brews, minding his own business, when three big dudes beat him senseless. At Foo's Booze, Mr. Foo agrees to teach Ralph how to defend himself. The first lesson is Mr. Foo turning Ralph into ground chuck.

After Mr. Foo is beaten for not paying his protection money, Ralph promises to get revenge. He busts in on the gangsters waterfront hideout, incurring the wrath of the Crusher, the deadliest mobster on the globe. Crusher pulverizes Ralph and thinks him dead. We know better though.

Also In This Issue: Colorized excerpts from Volume 1 Issue 2 pages 9-12.

Interesting Facts: The next to last page is in 3-D (with no explaination). This was a print test done by NOW for Marc Hansen as he began experimenting with the 3-D process. This would be used a year later in issue No. 24's special 3-D issue. This issue also required changes from the Comics Code Authority.

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