Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 16

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: January 1990
Title: Halloween Special
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: NOW staff

It's the day before Halloween, 1973, and young brat Ralph Snart is gearing up for the big day. He puts on his costume and scares his Father. His Father gets a monster costume and hides in Ralph's closet to teach Ralph a lesson.

In the meantime, Ace Mudley, a notorious axe murderer from the 1950's suddenly awakens from his grave in the cemetery and is seeking an "axe murderers fix." After wandering around for a while, Ace finally finds an axe. Meanwhile, Ralph has discovered the monster (his Father) hiding in his closet, and beats him senseless with a baseball bat. Then another monster (Ace) breaks through the front door ready to lop off a few heads.

Ralph proceeds to beat him with the bat also. Ace remains a little uppity, so Ralph gives him some "bonus clobbering" until he is just a pile of bones. Ralph's beaten Father comes downstairs, and although Ralph is extremely proud of himself for clubbing two monsters in the same night, he finds himself grounded for Halloween.

Also In This Issue: Colorized excerpts from Volume 1 Issue 3 pages 3-7.

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