Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 17

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: February 1990
Title: Goot's Goon
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen and Allen Freeman
Colorist: NOW staff

In the real world, we continue the story with Goot's Goon, aka Ralph Snart, tearing Chicago to pieces. A new character, Suckerman, gets wind of this, and accidentally discovers the location of Dr. Goot's secret underground lair. Unfortunately, the lair is loaded with booby traps, as Suckerman tries to escape with sidekick CynicBoy and runs right into Goot's Goon.

After being beaten by the Goon, Suckerman becomes fed up and suckerpunches Goot's Goon right back. Dr. Goot sees this live on camera, and shuts his Goon down. We're left with a frail, barely conscious Ralph Snart being dragged away by Suckerman to the police. Even Suckerman, however, knows that Ralph is merely Dr. Goot's helpless pawn and can hardly be blamed for his own behavior.

Also In This Issue: Colorized excerpts from Volume 1 Issue 3 pages 8-12.

Interesting Facts: We do not get a dose of Ralph's dreamworld in this episode. Goot's Goon will later reappear, only larger and more dangerous - most recently as the invincible "Butthead" in Volume 6. Cover art by Allen Freeman based on layout by Marc Hansen.

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