Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 19

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: April 1990
Title: Pit Bull$@#!?!
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Marc Hansen

In reality, Dr. Goot disguises himself as Mr. Toog, Ralph's attorney, and goes to see Ralph. Ironically, Toog uses the same argument Suckerman would have used, in explaining that Ralph isn't necessarily responsible for his actions.

He is allowed into Snart's cell, to find Snart seemingly sane and ready to give himself up. This doesn't fly with Mr. Toog and his alterior motives, and he slips Ralph a little something called a goof pill, which takes us right back to another dream sequence.

In this sequence, Ralph wakes up in the familiar fashion; hungover and sleeping in a heap of filth. He and his friend Boner are forced to dog-sit for Ralph's landlady while she is away for two weeks, or face charges for what she calls all-night drunken orgies.

It is soon discovered by Boner that if one talks to Percy, the dog, in baby-speak, he goes wild with rage, seemingly able to kill anything. After having Percy practice mangling on Ralph's furniture, the boys decide to seek out illegal dog-fighting rings, confident in Percy's ability to maim any dog, however large.

Ending up in the wrong part of town, they forge ahead, and meet up with a couple of shady looking fellas, who own a dog-fighting mutt from hell. Believing the offer of a dog-fight to be some kind of sick joke due to Percy's miniature size, Ralph and Boner pony up $100, and the fight is scheduled.

Needing some help from Boner and his baby-speak, Percy eventually chews his opponent to bits, winning the fight. Ralph & Boner, new to the game, cannot collect from their new street-wise friends, and end up eating pavement as payback for their hustle.

When Ralph's landlady, Ms. Gestapo, returns from her trip, Ralph tries to make amends. Boner will have none of it, and tries to make Percy attack his owner. The plan backfires, and the dream ends with Boner running from the wild dog.

Back in reality, we find Ralph goofed from Dr. Goot's drug, the city of Chicago still angry and looking for Snart, and Suckerman looking for Dr. Goot. We end with a plain-looking blonde thing discovering Dr. Goot's ad for a lab assistant in the Help Wanted section... subtly introduced as "a new character".

Also In This Issue: Colorized excerpts from Volume 1 Issue 3 pages 19-24.

Interesting Facts: First appearance of Holly Hornswaggle, Ralph's future lover, who ends up appearing in later issues of Volume 3 and is reintroduced in Volumes 5 and 6.

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