Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 21

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: June 1990
Title: Goot's Revenge
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Mark Martin and Marc Hansen
Colorist: Marc Hansen

Dr. Goot has lowered Ralph Snart and Holly Hornswoggle into a pit of one-eyed slug monsters, who presumably would eat them alive; however the slug monsters see that Ralph and Holly are in love, and this gets the four slug monsters "all horned up".

They decide to free Ralph and Holly, and engage in a one-eyed slug monster orgy. Dr. Goot meanwhile, decides he will unleash his army of 50,000,000 sewer rats on the city of Chicago.

Once Ralph and Holly are freed, they head back to Holly's apartment. Holly notices a newspaper box on the street; Ralph is front-page news, and there is a million dollar reward for his capture.

Holly throws a newspaper over Ralph's head, and sneaks him into her apartment. Soon, Holly's old boyfriend Morty shows up and kicks Ralph's ass big time.

While Ralph is recovering from the beating, Holly reads the story of Ralph's life in the newspaper, culminating with Ralph causing $10 million damage to the City of Chicago as "Goots' Goon".

Dr. Goot meanwhile, hears the strange sounds of the one-eyed slug monster orgy, and finds out that the slugs have freed Ralph and Holly.

Dr. Goot decides to send out a hit squad of assassin sewer rats to kill Ralph and Holly. In the meantime, Ralph, recovering from the beating inflicted by Morty,wakes up screaming, and details to Holly his dream of being chewed alive by sewer rats.

Also In This Issue: Two centerspread posters; one of the cover art and one of a One-Eyed Slug Monster painted by Marc Hansen.

Interesting Facts: Front cover art by Mark Martin from a layout by Marc Hansen.

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