Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 22

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: July 1990
Title: Ghostboozers
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Mark Martin and Marc Hansen
Colorist: Marc Hansen

After barely escaping the den of slug-monsters we saw in Issues 20 and 21, Raph and Holly are hiding out in Holly's apartment. The beating from Morty in Issue 21 leaves Ralph, once again, in an unconscious state, and we fall yet again into another dream sequence.

Ralph is listening to Doofus play his bass in Ralph's apartment. Trying to persuade Doofus to play elsewhere, he convinces Doofus to take out an ad for bands looking for a bassist. When Doofus goes to the fridge for beer, he finds a blue slime-spector sitting on the top shelf, drinking everything in the fridge.

Ralph obviously needs to check it out, and is slimed before the foul-mouthed slime-ball escapes through the walls. As they plan the demise of the blue ghost for the criminal activity of guzzling Ralph's precious barley products, we flash to the landlord, an old man, fixing the pipes of Ms. Hotbod, who is dressed in nothing but a wet towel. The landlord notices blue ooze coming out of the faucet, a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Then back to Ralph & Doofus, who are experimenting with an industrial strength strap-on vacuum to reel the ghost in when it reappears. The vacuum is attached to the toilet, and the plan is to bait the ghost with more beer, purchased by Doofus, and then attack.

When a scuffle is heard by the door, Ralph assumes it is the ghost, when it is in fact the landlord running from Ms. Hotbod after an attempt to win over her affections have gone sour. Ralph ends up sucking the landlord into the trap and flushing him down the toilet.

Then, the ghost is discovered by Doofus in the form of Ms. Hotbod's towel, escapes, quickly guzzles the beer, and promptly lays down dead. Apparently, non-alcoholic beer doesn't go down well for the monster, mistakenly purchased by Doofus.

Back in reality, Holly is still horny for Ralph, big time. Before she can work her charms on the now-awake Ralphie, the sewer rats appear right at Holly's doorstep.

Also In This Issue: Two centerspread posters; one of the cover art and one of Ralph Snart flying into his dreamworld painted by Marc Hansen.

Interesting Facts: Ralph and Doofus will later be involved in yet more extreme measures for the sake of guzzling and/or saving their precious beer, in Volume 6. Doofus also appeared as a character in Hansen's Dr. Gorpon series. Front cover art by Mark Martin from a layout by Marc Hansen.

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