Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 24

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: September 1990
Title: Awesome 3D Issue!
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Covers: Marc Hansen
3D Process: Marc Hansen

Not really much of a plot to this one, fatheads, the main focus of the issue being RSA in 3-D. It opens with Ralph showing us how cool 3-D comics are, and then he is snatched up by a cool looking 3-D monster. Dr. Goot comes along and "steals" Ralph from the monster, and he and Ralph slap each other around for a while.

Mr. Lizard busts through the wall and attempts to save Ralph, but Dr. Goot ties them both up, and is about to lop of their heads, when the monster suddenly grabs Dr. Goot, and falls in love with him and carries him off into the sunset. Ralph and Mr. Lizard then decide to slam some 3-D beer. They down a keg apiece and have a burping contest.

Also In This Issue: Some cool Snart artwork converted to 3-D; Cover of Volume 1, Issue 3 (Ralph in the 50's); page one of the same issue (Ralph walking in Manhattan); cover of Volume 3, Issue 16 (Halloween special); and a full page add for writting letters to the rubber room gossip section.

There's also an introduction on the inside front cover by Chuck Dixon.

Interesting Facts: The Feldstein tribute back cover was the original front cover until Tony Caputo suggested something that made it more obvious that this was a 3D issue. This issue was later reprinted with a new cover.

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