Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 26

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: November 1990
Title: Untitled
Editors: Tony Caputo and Kate Llewellyn
Writer: John Hartman
Artists: Charles Senties, Mike Stepanek and Caren Skibell
Cover: Charles Senties
Colorists: Holly Sanfelippo and Kelly Kinsey

Holly has saved Ralph from Dr. Goots squad of assasin sewer rats, and they retire back to her apartment. Things start to get hot and heavy, but just when they are about to do the dirty deed, Ralph sort of "shuts down". We then go on a "flashback" to see why.

We open to a scene with two large British thugs playing volleyball with poor Ralph Snart being used as the ball. We later learn that the two thugs work for U.S. Senator Whatsisname, who bears an uncanny resemblence to a stalk of celery. The Senator is working on a secret government project; the RS-1000 Stealth Brain.

We then learn why Ralph "shuts down" when his libido reaches a certain point; to keep him from being reproduced should he ever fall into enemy hands. The Senator orders his thugs to take Ralph out back and "crack his skull like a walnut". The Senator than personally performs brain surgery on Ralph. He throws Ralph's brain into a glass decanter, and we follow along it's dream aura...

In Ralph's first dream, he is a youngster in elementary school, and gets blamed for a food fight he had no part of. He spends the rest of the day in the principles office. Later on the bus ride home, a bunch of kids get together and kick Ralph's ass for no particular reason.

In his second shorter dream, Ralph is a baby being pushed in a carriage by his Mother, when two kindly old ladies happen along and stop to adore him, tweak his nose etc... Ralph responds by barfing on them.

Back in reality, Ralph's libido returns to normal, and he wakes up "feeling like a new man". He then proudly proclaims to Holly that he is going to go out and pay his own way in society and get a job!!

Also In This Issue: A four page story penned by John Hartman advertising the fact that he would be the writer for a new Mr. Lizard monthly series starting in September 1990. However, with NOW encountering financial difficulties, this series was never published.

What was most likely the first issue of that series was later converted to 3-D and released as The Mr. Lizard 3-D Special in 1993. What was most likely the second finished issue was packaged with a brand new painted Marc Hansen cover, and released as The Mr. Lizard Annual later that year.

Interesting Facts: Writen by John Hartman, with art by Charles Senties, this is the first ever issue of RSA not written and drawn by Marc Hansen. Hansen appeared to be locked in a financial dispute with NOW at that time.

This would also be the last issue of RSA until the "Mind Games" mini-series, as NOW Comics stopped publishing soon after as they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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