Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 4

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: January 1989
Title: My Summer of Ill Repute
Editors: Tony Caputo and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Marc Hansen

Note: This issue is a colorized version of Volume 2 Issue 4.

In Ralph's fantasy land, he reads a want add for a driver to take a car to California, all expenses paid. Ralph plays it cool until the owner is out of site; then the fun begins.

He encounters a hot babe who tosses him a bag containing Mr. Lizard. After chugging some brews, Ralph blacks out to a court scene. An ugly judge sentences him to death based on Mr. Lizard's crimes.

He's put in the electric chair; then Ralph wakes up, he's in the car again with Mr. Lizard at the wheel. Ralph's dream within a dream almost comes true when they get pulled over by a cop. Mr. Lizard has disappeared, so Ralph takes the rap for everything that has happened.

Also In This Issue: An Allen Freeman and Marc Hansen poster of Ralph as The Wild One and a Milton Dorky Jr. Show backup story. Plus a page on How To Draw Ralph Snart.

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