Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 3 Issue 8

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: May 1989
Title: Git A Job!
Editors: Tony Caputo, Kate Llewellyn and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Marc Hansen

Note: This issue is a reprint of Volume 2 Issue 8. Also, this is the first issue to be approved by the Comics Code Authority.

Fresh out of college, Ralph gets his first job interview with the evil Mortimor Gerg. Ralph gets hired because he is the applicant who stays and listens to Mr. Gerg scream the longest without running out of the room crying.

On his first day, Gerg tells Ralph that "under my mind numbing instructions, I will mold you into the perfect employee". Ralph see's all the other mind numbed employees, and wonders how he can escape.

Gerg decides to make Ralph a "Crunchy Cracklers Peanut salesman", where Ralph has to sell peanuts door-to-door in a goofy peanut outfit. On one of his sales calls, Ralph is kidnapped by an apartment full of crack addicts who get in a shootout with police.

One of the crackheads executes his peanut hostage, but Ralph has already escaped out the window. Mr. Gerg seeing the shot up peanut costume, thinks Ralph is dead, and Ralph escapes working for the evil Gerg forever.

Also In This Issue: A colorized reprint of Volume 1 Issue 1 pages 1-8.

Interesting Facts: Gerg also appears in Kitchen Sink's Snarf #10. This issue also has a one-page origin of Ralph Snart.

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