Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 4 Issue 1

Newsstand Direct Market


Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: May 1992
Title: Mind Games Part 1
Editors: Tony Caputo, Joan Weis and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Suzanne Dechnik and Patrick Williams

After a two year absence, we find Ralph Snart living in Florida married to a disgusting fat hag, with which he has three kids. Ralph has testifed against Dr. Goot and sent him to the state pen, and is in the witness protection program. We follow Ralph to work at uncle Gerg's gator factory. Ralph gets a big "promotion" to the skinning department, but gets eaten by a gator when he fails to realize he has to club it to death before he can skin it. After getting cut out of the gator, Ralph quits.

Meanwhile, Dr. Goot begins a daring escape from the state pen, killing guards on the way out. The last barrier, a ten foot thick concrete wall, proves a little to tough for Dr. Goot, because he attempts to smash through it with his head. Half dead, he is taken to the prison medical ward. This was Dr. Goot's plan all along however, because in the prison medical ward, he will have access to the drugs needed to stimulate his mega-growth gland.

He sneaks out of his room and medicates himself, then he escapes easily by smashing through the wall. Meanwhile Ralph gets a new job as "Morty Mink", a lovable costumed character at a major theme park. Ralph comes across some biker dudes who don't appreciate his cheerfulness, and they kick his ass. Ralph's boss however, accuses him of starting the fight, and he gets fired again.

Meanwhile, Dr. Goot gets his "Gootmobile" out of storage, and heads to FBI HQ to find out where Ralph Snart is. After pinching a few heads, Dr. Goot finds out and heads to Orlando to get Ralph. Dr. Goot enters Ralph's trailer and announces to Mrs. Snart that he has come to destroy Ralph Snart; but will "have his woman first". After three hours in bed with the ugly skag, Goot boots her and her "insipid mutant brats" out the door. Soon, Ralph arrives home, and the story ends with Ralph entering the trailer and Dr. Goot waiting inside for him.

Also In This Issue: The direct market version has a wraparound cover and contains the six-page Comics Code parody, which of course was rejected by the comics code, although there is nothing terribly offensive in the content. Poly-bagged with trading card.

Update: From Marc Hansen: "Ralph Snart had the code from 1989 until it's last NOW issue in 1993. Only a couple of issues were rejected (due to language) in 1989, but these were edited to comply. The 6-page story that made fun of the code was done in 1989 and rejected (it finally appeared in a direct-market issue in 1992). The story pointed out the moral hypocrisy of the code; mindless violence and big-boobed, spandexed heorines were fine but not the word "turd". Ralph Snart could do a keg bong but couldn't say "fart"."

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