Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 4 Issue 2

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Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: June 1992
Title: Mind Games Part 2
Editors: Tony Caputo, Joan Weis and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Suzanne Dechnik

Dr. Goot has captured Ralph Snart inside his own house, and is prepared to kill him, but can't resist the oppourtunity to tap into his amazing brain. Dr. Goot whisks Ralph off to his secret hidden laboratory, relocated during his prison stay by his obedient drones to a cave beneath a house on the outskirts of Hansen, Michigan.

Goot's drones are puzzled to see him with Ralph, whom he swore to annihilate, and when one of the drones wises off, Dr. Goot gives him a monster punch, killing him instantly. After they dispose of their comrade, Dr. Goot has the drones hook Ralph up to his video mind imaging magnifier. We follow along into the mind of Ralph Snart.

In his mind, Ralph buys a six pack of beer at the Priced Very Good Market; as he exits, he is ordered to freeze by a police officer. A series of misunderstandings ensue, culminating with the SWAT team being called in. Suddenly, the director breaks in and yells "CUT!!!"; It seems the whole fiasco is being filmed for the TV show "Coppers".

The director, Mr. Spoilboig, suggests to the Police captain that his officers beat the snot out of Ralph with their nightsticks to make for "good T.V." Mr. Spoilboig comes over to coach Ralph for his big scene, but Ralph suggests they let him steal a squad car and escape, and film the show from the "criminal's" perspective.

Mr. Spoilboig agrees, and Ralph kicks an officer in the groin, and escapes with his squad car, with Mr. Spoilboig and his camera man in the back seat. After a few blocks, Ralph decides to ditch the car, and crashes it into a 7-11. Then Ralph, AKA "Crackhead Man", is on the run with Mr. Spoilboig and the camera man in tow. After losing the cops, he decides he should lose Spoilboig and the camera man also, and lures them into the sewer, where he deftly escapes, but they are eaten by mutant sewer rats.

Back to reality, and Goot's drones are confused that any secrets gain be gained from the brain of some "beer guzzling lout". Dr. Goot says they must go deeper into Ralph's mind. When they do, an older gentleman appears. He tells Goot that he is "The treasure that has remained hidden inside Snart's neural haystack"; to this man, the secrets of the universe are but "simple nursery rhymes". All Goot has to do is transmorgify him (bring him into 3-D form in reality from Ralph's brain) and Dr. Goot will be able to rule the universe.

Dr. Goot's drones perform the Transmorgification, but we see it is only Mr. Lizard behind a cardboard cut-out of the man. The cut-out falls over, and Dr. Goot siezes Mr. Lizard by the throat, demanding to know who the hell Mr. Lizard is, and lets go of his grip to get an answer. Mr. Lizard then proceeds to kick Goot's butt in a big-time way, leaving him a pile of dust. Mr. Lizard takes Ralph, who is in a state of goof from Goot's experiment, to see a Doctor, and they take off in Dr. Goot's Gootmobile.

Also In This Issue: Poly-bagged with trading card.

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