Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 5 Issue 2

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: August 1993
Title: Ralph Snart is Dead
Editors: Tony Caputo, Joan Weis and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Holly Sanfelippo and Todd Tuttle

Bill and Hillary are hiding in the white house basement, Chelsea ran off with Marky mark, leaving only Socks the cat in charge of the country. Meanwhile, mutants "Big Guy" and "Worry Wort Man" are after Ralph.

Snart Easily kills Worry Wart Man, but Big Guy escapes and sends for the monstrous mutant space mercenary, "Gloomsday". Meanwhile, the aliens send Ralph to the White House to kill the humans leader, Socks. Around the same time, Gloomsday arrives at the White House.

Although it appears that Gloomsday is powerful enough to defeat Ralph, Snart jams a television monitor locked on a Gilligan's Island marathon into Gloomsday's face, rendering him powerless as he watches the show. As Ralph advances to kill Socks, he accidently steps on one of Socks' cat toys; this greatly angers Socks, who turns into a beserk psycho cat who kills Ralph and rips his heart out.

Also In This Issue: A somewhat decent (the ending is quite lame) Mr. Lizard story, "But, Doctor...", written by some guy named Geoffrey White. Mr. Lizard is kidnapped by a wacky animal proctologist Dr. Phillup McCraken, along with Marc Hansen's newest creation, Fid. Poly-bagged with trading card.

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