Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 5 Issue 3

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: September 1993
Title: Ralph Snart is Reborn
Editors: Tony Caputo, Joan Weis and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Holly Sanfelippo

Mr. Lizard exhumes Ralph's body from the cemetery (with a little help from TNT). While partying in Haiti, Mr. Lizard happened along some voodoo experts who shared some of their secrets with him in exchange for a 12-pack. Mr. Lizard proceeds to conjure up three demons who agree to assume Ralph's body because Mr. Lizard has an "all you can guzzle" coupon from Harvey's booze-o-rama. Reborn Ralph demands to go to Harvey's, which is 23 hours away by car in Waco, Texas.

Mr. Lizard Notes however, that it is only 57 minutes by Gootmobile, which he now posesses, and they are off to Waco. Meanwhile, David Koresh, who somehow survived the inferno at Waco, and is holed up in his secret underground bunker, is in search of new "recruits". He decides to start his new cult by co-habitating with the patrons at Harvey's booze-o-rama, and heads there in disguise.

Also In This Issue: We are introduced to another Hansen creation, "Dr. Gorpon", who bears a striking resmeblance to Dr. Goot (same body, different head). He is a monster exterminator, who kills the beasts by ripping off their heads. Reprints in color Issue 1 pages 1-11. Poly-bagged with trading card.

Interesting Facts: Dr. Gorpon was originally published as a three issue black and white mini-series by Eternity Comics from June-August 1991. This was during the 11 month hiatus in which NOW Comics was not publishing and seeking new investors. It is assumed the entire Dr. Gorpon mini-series was to appear colorized as short stories in RSA, just as was done with Volume 1 of RSA published in Volume 3.

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