Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 5 Issue 4

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: October 1993
Title: Chapter Four
Editors: Tony Caputo, Joan Weis and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Suzanne Dechnik and Todd Tuttle

Ralph and Mr. Lizard are speeding towards Waco, Texas in the Gootmobile, picking up their share of roadkill, and blowing up pursuing law enforcement authorities. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Socks the cat has gained super mental and physical abilities from eating the heart of the Ralph Snart monster; Socks screams at his aides: "Thats right! Me, a cat, is leader of this crazy parade! I'm gonna rule this country with an iron paw!"

In the meantime, David Koresh has already arrived at the booze-o-rama in disguise and ordered a beer as Ralph and Mr. Lizard walk in. Unfortunately for Ralph, his "all you can guzzle" coupon expired six minutes before they arrived. On top of it all, an anonymous drunkard throws a pool ball at Ralph in an attempt to start a bar brawl.

David Koresh steps in and convinces Ralph not to engage in a brawl, although Mr. Lizard thinks David "want's to get sweaty" with Ralph. "No no, I want you two to join my association of like thinking individuals" replies Koresh. David invites them back to his secret militant compound, on the promise of "all the beer you can guzzle".

Meanwhile in D.C., a group of congressional leaders is storming the White House armed with cyanide laced catnip and a TOW missle; Socks however eats them, and becomes even stronger. Socks is about to eat his aides, but they avert being chowed by telling Socks that Ralph Snart is alive, and they know where he is (Waco).

In the meantime, Ralph, Mr. Lizard and Koresh arrive at the secret militant compound. Ralph gets started on the keg Koresh has provided and suggests that he get more. Mr. Lizard tells David he best leave right away for more, or Ralph may tear the place apart.

Also In This Issue: A continuation of the story from the Dr. Gorpon mini-series. Reprints in color Issue 1 pages 13-22. Poly-bagged with trading card.

Interesting Facts: Ralph's old friend Doofus from Volume 3 Issue 22 appears in the Dr. Gorpon story as a heavy metal rocker who conjours up a demon by chanting a spell from a satanic book he was using to make up song lyrics.

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