Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 5 Issue 5

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: November 1993
Title: Chapter Five
Editors: Tony Caputo, Joan Weis and Marc Hansen
Art/story: Marc Hansen
Cover: Marc Hansen
Colorist: Todd Tuttle

Ralph and Mr. Lizard engage in a disgusting burping contest, while they are slammimg beers in David Koresh's compound. Koresh then throws them a couple of weapons, and informs them they are going to go out and spread the word of the messiah (Koresh).

They decide to kill him though, with a "beer attack"; they pump him full of beer from a keg, until he explodes. A horrible way for Koresh to die, but Ralph and Mr. Lizard are merely horrified that they are now out of beer.

Socks the mutant cat is in Waco looking for Ralph, and he just misses Ralph and Mr. Lizard as they cross a farmers field. Socks' aides tell him a cow in the field is really Ralph Snart in disguise, so he goes and eats out the heart of the cow.

Ralph and Mr. Lizard however, have just gotten inside the Gootmobile, headed for Washington D.C., where they figure they can get a brain for Ralph. (There are many brains there that are not being used). However, "many miles later", they come across a sign promising "Perty girls and free beer".

After much discussion, they decide to knock on the door of the house, and a hot chick wearing a tube top invites them into the house where "The women are hot, and the beer cold". It appears that Ralph and Mr. Lizard have entered into the realm of another cult; but alas, we will never know.

Also In This Issue: Colorized Dr. Gorpon excerpts from the mini-series. Reprints in color Issue 1 pages 23-28 and Issue 2 pages 1-5. Poly-bagged with trading card.

Interesting Facts: Most interesting is that this is the last issue of RSA ever published, even though Volume 5 was intended to be a twelve issue series. Obviously, there was some sort of dispute between Marc Hansen and NOW Comics, financial or otherwise, to bring RSA to such an abrupt and unexpected end.

Also interesting is that in later issues of other NOW Comics titles in 1993 and 1994, NOW had ads threatening to unveil a new RSA series, set in a time in Ralph's life when he was not insane any more. Obviously, this series was to be done by other writers and artists, but fortunately, NOW went out of business again, and this series was never published.

Ammendment: The series was continued where it left off by Marc Hansen in November, 2003 after a ten year hiatus and after getting the rights back. In February, 2004, the artwork for Issues 6 and 7 of Volume 5 were discovered while cleaning the old NOW Comics storage area.

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