Ralph Snart Adventures Volume 6

With his return to comics and Ralph Snart, Marc Hansen began a new Ralph Snart Adventures series and a new chapter in his comics career. This new volume picks up where volume 5, issue 5 left off (ignoring issues 6 and 7, which were lost and forgotten).

Dr. Goot, Mr. Lizard and Ralph's sometimes girfriend Holly Hornswoggle are all on hand as Ralph goes on an insane rampage. Ralph's drinking buddy Doofus also returns from volume 3, issue 22 and now becomes a regular fixture.

Sixteen, ten-page monthly issues were produced and posted on Hansen's website and viewable via subscription. In 2008, the issues were published in print and digitally across two trade paperbacks. Noteably, in one issue, both Dr. Goot and Mr. Lizard are killed off!

Story, art and covers by Marc Hansen.