Ralph Snart and the Comics Code

Ralph Snart Adventures got the code of approval from the Comics Code Authority beginning with issue Volume 3 Issue 8. The first few issues needed several corrections and some were rejected totally.

This from Marc Hansen's blog:

"Most of the violations by Ralph Snart Adventures were for "vulgar" language; words like crap, fart, turd, scumbag and variations of fricking, frigging and farging. BTW, you could say scum but not scumbag, which by definition isn't vulgar, so all of that made me crazy. Several of the first few issues submitted to the CMAA were rejected, but in all of these cases I edited the offending words in order to comply; fart and crap would be changed to crud for example." More here...

A back-up story done by Hansen in 1989 was rejected altogether by the CMAA because it made fun of the Code. This would finally be published years later in the direct market version of Volume 4 Issue 1. That incident is mentioned by Mike Gold in this article.