Ralph Snart in Fangraphix

The four issues of the Fangraphix fanzine published by Tony Caputo in 1985-6 can be described as pre-NOW. Issues had work by many of the people that went on to produce NOW's first comic titles including Caputo, Hansen, Allen Curtis and Jim McGreal. Marc Hansen is even listed as the Associate Production Coordinator for the last two issues.

Hansen and his Ralph "Snarf" creation didn't appear until issue 3, which featured the two-page origin of Ralph Snarf in color that later appeared in the first issue of Ralph Snart Adventures. The story had color separations hand cut by Marc Hansen. This issue also had other various cartoons by Hansen. It was published by Tony Caputo Publishing in December 1985.

Issue 4 featured a Ralph Snart painted cover and on the inside front cover was an ad for the upcoming RSA three-issue mini-series. There were also ads for NOW's other first titles of Eb'nn, Vector and Syphons. The last page had the "Ralph Snarf in Sweet Talker" one-page story. Published by Tony Caputo Publishing in February 1986.