Ralph Snart Lost Art Found

When NOW, the former publisher of Ralph Snart Adventures, ceased operations in 1994, they returned all published artwork to the artists. Unpublished art and film was put in storage by NOW's parent company General Learning Corporation, where NOW shared office space. Apparently, at some point, GLC discontinued their lease with the storage company and all of the films were destroyed. It was assumed that the film and finished art, mixed in by mistake, were destroyed.

In late 2003, Patrick Williams, NOW's Associate Art Director at the time, still worked for GLC, found the finished art for a cover of Ralph Snart Adventures while cleaning out shelving units at GLC. Also found was an unused, unpublished Ralph Snart cover for Volume 3 Issue 12. This cover was for a special temporary tattoo giveaway that never came to be. All of this artwork, Hansen had totally forgotten about.

Looking further, Williams found a treasure trove of Ralph Snart art. He found the colored art and film positives for two 10-page Ralph Snart Adeventure stories; Volume 5 Issues 6 and 7, along with the cover art. All of this artwork was later published by Hansen in the Ralph Snart Adventures: Comic Collection No. 1 trade paperback.