Ralph Snart: The Lost Issues No. 1

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: April 1993
Title: Untitled
Editors: Tony Caputo and Joan Weis
Writer: Kate Llewellyn
Artists: Charles Senties, Mike Stepanek and NOW Staff
Cover: Chuck Senties and Mike Stepanek
Colorists: NOW Staff

Picking up the storyline of RSA Volume 3 Issue 26, we find Ralph and Holly Hornswoggle in her apartment. After his near-sexual encounter with Holly, Ralph finds he is not insane anymore. Holly however, decides she likes him better insane, and smashes a lamp over his head. She rants and raves some more, kicks him in the balls, and leaves.

Ralph finds her ex-boyfriends clothes (which are many sizes too large), and heads out on the town. Soon, Lux the limo driver pulls Ralph out of the gutter, thinking he is world famous brewmeister H.P. Lar (whom Ralph is a dead ringer for). Lux delivers him to his meeting with the executives at Backwash Brewery, to whom he is supposed to make a presentation on his new addictive, mind numbing beer.

Ralph tells the executives he "forgot" the formula, so they have a couple of thugs kick his ass. Later, Ralph is in the lab attempting to create the addictive brew. In the meantime, Lux runs over the real H.P. Lar, and delivers him to Backwash Brewery. The thugs at Backwash decide to have a brewing contest to see who is the real H.P. Lar.

Rather than competing though, Ralph and Lar work together on one formula. Although they are attempting to pull one over on the Backwash thugs, they do in fact create the addictive mind numbing beer, and are forced to drink it to test it.

Ralph and Lar procede to tear the place apart, and then escape, and go out on the town, engaging in zany shenanigans, including "limo surfing" on Lux's moving limo. Lux grows tired of this, and takes a sharp right, which makes them fly off the limo.

Ralph is immediately captured by the Police, who think he is H.P. Lar (all of Chicago is already wacked on addictive drought beer), and Lar somehow ends up in front of Holly Hornswoggle's apartment. She, thinking he is Ralph, dumps a pile of legal documents on him. It seems she is sueing Ralph for "mental cruelty". Meanwhile, Lux the limo driver finds a cold six pack of addictive drought beer left in his limo.

Interesting Facts: Marc Hansen did not write or draw this or any of the "Lost Issues."

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