Ralph Snart: The Lost Issues No. 2

Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: May 1993
Title: Untitled
Editors: Tony Caputo and Joan Weis
Writer: Kate Llewellyn
Artists: Charles Senties, Mike Stepanek and Caren Skibell
Cover: Chuck Senties and Mike Stepanek
Colorists: NOW Staff

Lux the limo driver and all of Chicago are wacked on addictive Drought brew. H.P. Lar, the brewmeister responsible for creating Drought brew appears to be in the custody of the police, but it is really his look-alike Ralph Snart. The police throw Ralph in a cell with a geeky looking mass-murderer, Massey, who sometimes turns into a large hairy monster. Ralph and Massey go out on a chain gang picking corn, and during a break, Ralph begins to have a dream.

In his dreamstate, Ralph is slamming some brews in his apartment, when the Grim Reaper pays him a visit. Ralph talks the reaper out of killing him on the condition that Ralph give the reaper a hand to lessen his workload. Ralph offs a few people under the reapers supervision, and the next day the reaper runs off to party and leaves Ralph with all his work.

Ralph crashes the party the reaper is at with all his dead monster buddies, and starts kicking the reapers ass, demanding to be sent back to the living world. The reaper's monster buddies agree with Ralph that it really is a dead guy's job to 86 people, so the reaper agrees to let Ralph go back and live (for a while).

Back in reality, Lux the limo driver is jonesing for some Drought brew, and he sneaks up on the corn field the prisoners are working in, and captures Ralph and Massey, who are chained together at the leg. In the limo, Massey decides it is time for a killing spree, so he turns from his frail geek form into a large hairy monster, and has Lux stop at a bingo Parlor. Massey and Ralph enter, and Massey kills 37 people and takes a huge bag of money. Ralph, now freed from his leg irons, stays behind to play bingo amongst the carnage, while Massey takes off with Lux.

Meanwhile, a judge finds Ralph guilty of mental cruelty against Holly Hornswoggle, but she breaks down and decides that she loves him, and they run off to be married. However, it is not Ralph Snart, it is brewmeister H.P. Lar, still wacked from Drought brew.

Interesting Facts: Note the number of people that were involved in what a single person did before.

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