New Editorial Direction and Overview

Ralph Snart Adventures, the new series, will no longer be preoccupied with the derranged meanderings of a brain-damaged lout. It will now have to share the stage with the derranged meanderings of a hard-working, family man lout.

The new series will feature an influx of new and re-established characters to join Ralph in his reality world. Stories will have the same bizarre slant but will deal more with Ralph's involvement with his wife, kids, job, friends and the twisted world that threatens constantly to devour him whole. And if things do get too rigorous for Ralph, he still can be suddenly whisked away into his fantasy otherworld, which may now appear more normal than his reality.

Stories would take things that are common and ordinary and explore them in very extreme ways, much like a random Geraldo Rivera Show. The humor of the series will be as slightly odd as ever but be based more on everyday happenings.

For instance, one issue could focus on Ralph's daughter discovering that Gerg, Inc. uses hamsters to test the "squishability factor" of their new line of sledge hammers. Being the animal lover that she is, Madeline goes on a crusade to keep her "facist" father from working at such a place and devising a plan to blow up Gerg, Inc. with a hurriedly-fashioned nuclear device.

Everyday happenings are paramount. While always being conscious of basing itself on real things that people can relate to and understand, the unusual and extreme humor will help make this as original a feature as possible.

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