New Editorial Direction in 1994

RSA Volume 5 ends, but Volume 6 was in the works in 1994. Volume 5 of RSA ended in November, 1993, and by that time Hansen had already finished issues 6 and 7. In early 1994, NOW approached Hansen to revamp the series and make it geared more for licensing to movies studios.

Hansen wrote a new editorial direction, revamped old characters and created new ones. He also drew the black & white artwork (shown above) for the cover of the new comic book series, which was to be Volume 6. Hansen's involvement ended there as other writers and artists were to be used to do the rest of the books. The Summer Special and the new series were never published since NOW Comics closed it's doors soon after.

See the revamp here.

Below is the original NOW editorial copy by Joan Weis, NOW Managing Editor, from June, 1994:

The New Ralph Snart!

Remember "Dallas"? Remember that ground-breaking season where all that really cool stuff started to happen and you thought that this really stagnant show was starting to pick up and then you find out that it was all Sue Ellen's dream? Didn'tcha hat that? Well, we're about to do the same to you. Heh heh.

RALPH SNART ADVENTURES will reach a deafening crescendo this July with it's final issue (oh no!). In the RSA Summer Special, the ongoing story line of RSA Volume 5 will be wrapped up - for good. I know what you're thinking: "You'd better wrap it up, because Ralph is a living decapitated head that seeks beer and lets loose brain farts, and Mr. Lizard was blown into a quarter of a million gecko bits - and we wanna know what happens!" Well don't worry; yer gonna find out whether you like it or not.

The RSA Summer Special will be a double-sized colossus issue encompassing the rest of Volume 5's postponed stories of recent months. We know, we know - we left you hanging (so to speak), and we're gonna fix it...then we'll leave you hanging again. Heh heh. You see, the ending to the Summer Special isn't really an ending; it's actually a lead-in to the entirely new, revamped series simply called RALPH SNART. (Evidently the book's been away having its name changed.) In RS, Ralphie gets to start fresh...well, not exactly. He is plopped into a life that he barely remembers. He's got a horrible old cow of a wife and two misguided - even twisted - adolescent children. Where the old Ralph of RSA was a deranged, brain-damaged lout, the new Ralph of RS is a deranged, hard-working, family-man lout. But is he sane or insane? You be the judge.

The new series will feature an influx of new and plenty-odd characters in his reality world, such as Ralph's ghoulish employer Mortimor Gerg and his two best friends Johnson (Nam vet and gun-slash-liquor store owner) and goonie (who, when filling out credit card applications, lists "town oddity" as his line of work).

"Reality world?" you ask. As always, when reality becomes too rigorous for Ralph, he can be suddenly, unexpectedly whisked away to his fantasy otherworld. "Something's missing," you say. Well, hold onto your brains, because Dr. Goot returns to the series as a regular to wreak havoc on the already tortured shell that is Ralph. Goot fits into the new continuity as the staff shrink at Gerg, Inc. (much to Ralph's chagrin).

Come August it'll be fun and Goot times galore as we kick things off with RALPH SNART #1. So be very afraid.