Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 1

Text from card back:

All of Ralph's brain surgery has gotten the best of him. He's ramblin', but that's cool! He's happier in his dream state anyway, unless he's shooting brewskis. Of course that wild stint with the punk band might have been what finally drove him bonkers. Must admit it though, Ralph could sure come up with some great song lyrics: "Poke my eye, bust my teeth! Punch my belly, slit my throat! Crack my shins, kick my cluster! We're having fun now, ain't we!" I'm sure Ralph will be as good as new once all of his neural synpses start to heal. Having your brain explode does have its side effects.

"Because of what I do, people think I'm some irresponsible bonehead who's trying to make a living selling doodles on toilet paper. Everyone's uptight abut cash flow. I'd probably have better luck telling people I sell crack to school kids for a living."
-- Marc Hansen, Creator of RSA

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