Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 10

Text from card back:

It's Ralph the geek's first day at Knock Uppe University. His roommate Prod the punker has already planned a keg party and doesn't waste any time getting Ralph drunk. After two days in a catatonic stupor, Ralph joins Prod's band. His initiation is a weird one: He is required to drink 12 long-neck beers, take the knife away from Big Sid, and handle the sexually demanding Widowmaker. Ralph comes through with flying colors!

"In spite of my friendship with Marc during my formative yeaars, I managed to grow up, get an education, and hold down a decent job. One day while vacationing in Chicago, something struck me - a beer bottle in the head from behind! Sure enough, it was Marc! Since then, I've dug out my electric guitar, drunk the liquor store dry, and turned into the party dog that I once was!"
-- Lee Richards

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