Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 11

Text from card back:

Ralph's brain has been transmuted into a strange little creature that tells Marc Hansen to take a vacation. The brain bounds off to raise hell, so Marc pulls out a completed back-up issue and takes off for the golf course. In the back-up story, Ralph has a date with Myrtle and decides to really scare her by taking her to a party thrown by aliens. The creatures start chugging beer and acting goofy. They want to use Ralph and Myrtles' bodies for a gruesome series of experiments! A fight breaks out, and Ralph torches the alcohol-laden aliens.

"History of our band? There is none - except that we play thrash core and nothing else and always have. No matter what our music sounds like, we're really intelligent dudes. You can quote us on that."
-- The Base Apes

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