Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 12

Text from card back:

In the midst of a loud and wild party, a balding man in a suit asks, "What would happen if Ralph the wayward sinner suddenly had to deal with a structured and responsible environment? Let the experiment begin!" This man, the Purification Advisor, recounts the tale of how he was saved by the Prophets of the Red Cabbage. Ralph becomes suspicious of the Cabbage Cult when they try to brainwash him. He escapes to the back room where he discovers the Red Cabbage is only a guy in a cabbage suit!

Once in an attempt to confuse Snart readers and totally render their minds to jelly, the editors numbered issue 7, volume 2 incorrectly with the following: Vol. 2, No. 4. This forced overcrowding in many mental health facilities. Moral: The mind of a Snart fan is fragile at best and is not to be screwed around with under any circumstance.

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