Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 14

Text from card back:

Okay, now this is the issue that reprints RSA, Vol. 2, No. 2 - but in full color. Get? In case you're too lazy to look at card #6, this is the issue involving the role-playing game and the zany, one-eyed vixen. What card #6 doesn't tell you is that after he kisses the forbidden vixen and she chages to a cyclops beast, then to a dragon, then to a slug, etc., Ralphie stops the game and flushes the whole shebang down the toilet.

"Docktor Goot vas un olde school chum of mine. He and I vould have de most vunderbar times svitchingk brains, pullingk pranks, und torturing unsuspeckting professors. Once, vile lunching, I remember svitchingk rat brains for a professor's cauliflower! He never foundt out! Vat a gas!"
-- "Mad" Dr. Groosum, University of Crazed Concoctors in Berlin, Class of 1937

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