Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 15

Text from card back:

This issue is a reprint of RALPH SNART ADVENTURES, Vol. 2, No. 3, but unlike Vol. 2, this issue has been expertly colored by Marc Hansen himself. I suppose you'd like to read a little humorous excerpt from the issue, as though you're too lazy to look at card #7, or the actual issue. Well, this is all I'll say: Ralph went into his dream world this time because of Dr. Goot's electroshock tortures. After he returns from dusting the evil robots, Dr. Goot actually removes Ralphie's brain! Eeeyeew, gross!

"Whenever there was trouble that year in my first grade class, it was always Ralph Snart. I'd just grab Ralph by the hair, and after a few spins he would always straighten up - after he slammed into a few table, that is. What a patsy!"
-- Dorkweena McCure, Ralph's First Grade Teacher

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