Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 16

Text from card back:

I'm sure you've all figured out by now that this issue is a reprint of RSA, Vol. 2, No. 4. I'm sure you also know that this issue is in full color and contains a cool pinup. And if you give a monkey's bum about Snart at all, you must have collected cards #1-12 long ago and know what the back of card #8 says. What card #8 doesn't tell you is that after Ralph takes the rap, Mr. Lizard breaks him out of jail, and our hero is able to fulfill his agreement. As it turns out, the old lady used the car to smuggle drugs. Mr. Lizard, D.O.A. agent, then busts the old biddy.

"Ralph Snart will be a household name, right up there with milkbreath, roach motel, and the trots. Boy, I can hardly wait for the royalities from the Ralph Snart abdominal trusses to start pouring in!"
-- Marc Hansen, Creator of RSA

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