Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 17

Text from card back:

A full-color reprint of RSA, Vol. 2, No. 5, this issue contains a pinup depicting Ralphie's latest dance craze, the Snart, which shows you how to shake that nasty thang without looking like a complete dork. In the story, a mechanical monster frog containing Ralph's brain robs a bank. Upon its return to Goot, Igor, the hunchbacked servant, spills the container holding Ralph's brain. If you want details about the real meat of the issue with Satan and all, look at card #9 or RSA #5. Hey, your arms aren't broken.

In a report just in from WNSY, it was finally revealed what four bands Ralph Snart listens to the most: Dork Mongers With Zits, the Spastic Republicans, Headless Spawns From Hell, and the Flaming Head Wounds.
-- WNSY News Syndicate

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