Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 19

Text from card back:

Ralph's brain has been transmuted into a strange little creature that tells Marc Hansen to take a vacat - Hey! Did you really think we were going to rehash the same stuff from card #11 just because it's about the same story but in full color? Take note of an all-new story page that is exclusive to the color reprint. After his golf game, Marc returns to his apaartment only to be menaced by Ralph's now even more mutated brain. Marc, being a genius, tricks Ralph's brain into being drawn back onto the comic page.

"Mr. snart is a textbook example of a manic depressive. One minute he is a raving, babbling lunatic, and the next he's as catatonic as a footstool. There are definitely some deep, dark secrets locked away in that sick, twisted cranium."
-- Dr. Kreegon, M.D., Family Shrink

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