Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 2

Text from card back:

Ralph's stay in hell a while back had some unexpected pleasures like bareback riding one of the hell dogs. The hardest part was convincing them to let him on, but after that he had a hellacious time! Of course the sight of Ralph having so much fun drove Satan wild. He was so furious that he sent a demon to videotape the whole thing. Good thing, too. He sent the tape to "Americas's Goofiest Videos" and won second place. Yeah, he lost to a video sent in by Mr. Lizard. He was so zonked out about it that he had Dr. Goot over to shotgun some brewskis!

"There's nothing that scares the bageezas out of a girl's parents more than when I tell them what I do for a living. I can still hear the questions: 'A cartoonist? You mean to tell me you make money drawing a funny little guy in - ick - comic books? You get paid for that? How much?'"
-- Marc Hansen, Creator of RSA

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