Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 21

Text from card back:

Outside Ralph's holding cell in the mental ward, two doctors are discussing Ralph's strange behavior. He's been quiet. Too quiet. The janitor discovers that his keys are missing and guesses that it happened near cell 13. Ralph, holding the very key to his freedom, slips back into his fantasy world...oh, rats. It's all about the Purification Advisor and the Cabbage Cult again, and I'm not going through it all a second time. See card #12. Back in reality, Ralph finally uses the keys and escapes!

"RALPH SNART is the only comic that can make me laugh and cray. It is the only comic that can make me chuckle uncontrollably and writhe in painful anger. Actually, RALPH SNART is the only comic that can give me chest pains and make me vomit blood. Is that good?"
-- A fan

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